6 Ocak 2009 Salı

RICHARD MISRACH by Demet Şahinkaya


Richard Misrach is an American photographer known for his photographs of human intervention in landscapes. He has been photographing the deserts for more than twenty years now. He has a gift of photographing a complex landscape and exposing the mysterious and fascinating surroundings.
“…the desert may serve as the backdrop for the problematic relationship between man and the environment. The human struggle, the successes and failures, the use and abuse, both noble and foolish, are readily apparent in the desert.... the world is as terrible as it is beautiful, but when you look more closely, it is as beautiful as it is terrible.”



In this photo the most noticeable elements are composition and lighting. The big tree at the centre captures our eyes immediately with its leaves and the curves that it created with the sand. The bottom, the root, could not be seen and that gives a sense of mystery. The trees at the back are in dark making the light one unique among the others.


This is a great example from his series on the beach. This series takes the fragile human’s interaction with the land to its limits. “On the beach” is a description of people who takes the pleasures of beach-going. This one with an unusual perspective is very attractive because the timing and the composition is perfect for catching attentions. The man lying there as if he is unconscious, however he seems very tranquil and peaceful in the see.

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