6 Ocak 2009 Salı

Michael Heizer by Selin Çakmak

Michael Heizer(1944- ) is a contemporary artist specializing primarily in large-scale sculptures and land art. He explored City* (and usually focused on the City itself) and the deserts in Nevada. He also has abstract paintings, large-scale sculptures. He was inspired on the Native American forms that are found in the museums and in the public spaces worldwide.
*City is a piece of earth art located in Garden Valley.
His work reflected Minimalist tendencies, included square and rectangular canvases with broad bands of gray and white.
“His "Double Negative,"1969-70, two vast incisions opposite one another on the edge of Virgin River Mesa, Nevada, displaced 240,000 tons of earth. Since most Earth artists view themselves as environmentalists, one wonders how Heizer justified this destruction of the natural desert land. Although primarily an earthmover, he has also raised forms above ground.”

He started painting again and accepted the tradition of creating an art object rather than an art event or a series of activities in an art context, Heizer returned to his earlier style. However, for the rigid geometrical units, he substituted circles and ovals. Like the earlier pieces, too, these are occasionally shaped by cuts into the framing edges.

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