6 Ocak 2009 Salı

Andy Goldsworthy by Selin Cakmak

Andy Goldsworthy (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific (meaning in a certain place, here it is environment) sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. His art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment.
"I think it's incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can't edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole" said Andy Goldsworthy about his style and his materials. He usually works with natural stuff; thorns, flowers, trees, rocks… He is consisted as the founder of modern rock balancing meaning that his works depend on the intent of practitioner. He doesn’t take a picture of a stone lying on the ground, he arranges the materials. By using those stones he prepares something like a tail to make nature more interesting. He uses his hands, teeth, found tools and sometimes machine tools to prepare his materials.

Photography plays a crucial role in his art due to its often ephemeral and transient state. According to Goldsworthy, "Each work grows, stays, decays – integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its heights, marking the moment when the work is most alive. There is an intensity about a work at its peak that I hope is expressed in the image. Process and decay are implicit
Goldsworthy produced a commissioned work for the entry courtyard of San Francisco's De Young Museum called "Drawn Stone", which echoes San Francisco's frequent earthquakes and their effects. His installation included a giant crack in the pavement that broke off into smaller cracks, and broken limestone, which could be used for benches. The smaller cracks were made with a hammer adding unpredictability to the work as he created it.
“His works have to be appreciated in real time. Although photos did capture some powerful moments, his sculptures are truly 4-dimensional. He is more like a film director, and nature plays a starring role. He has the vision to discover the best actors in nature, and put together a scenario under the best natural light and timing, then let these characters improvise. Using nature as raw material, Andy superimposes something on nature which feels just proper and perfect. This way nature is elevated, for the sense of divinity and temporality is fully revealed. His works only made me realize that nature by itself is not enough” said a blogger called Xenia which accurately explains the style of Goldsworthy and the materials in Andy Goldsworthy’s art.


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