6 Ocak 2009 Salı

Landscape Photography by Ugur Yildirim

The photographers of the 19th and early 20th century called themselves “explorers”. They didn’t actually explored new lands. They brought back photographs of what is unknown to them. People had some stereotypes of the eastern world. The photographers went to the eastern world to photograph these stereotypes. They did not go there to photograph a street or a building. People back in western world also had streets or buildings, so they had to photograph what’s unusual to them in order to satisfy the thoughts of the people. They went there to photograph Taj Mahal or the pyramids which is what people wanted to see from the east.

The orientalism of this era is connected with the romanticism. In their attempts to free themselves from the chain of their lifes, they looked for exotic, unknown lands, so they went to China, India, Egypt, etc. which gave them exactly what they were looking for.

Samuel Bourne went to India.

Felice Beato went to China.

Francis Frith went to Egypt.

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