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Richard Long by Serhat Arica

Richard Long

Richard Long was born on June 2, 1945 in England. He is a photographer and he is also known as a sculptor. He is an artist from the “Land Art” movement, which emerged in USA. He has traveled around the world and some of his photographs are based on the walks he has made.

In his photograph “A Line Made by Walking”, we can see that he did not simply take pictures of the environment around him. He has changed the environment around him. He has created this line by walking forward and backward in the field. By this line, he has created a sense of depth while photographing the landscape. Since his interventions would be sort-lived, the photographs he took would be the only records of such a view. ( www.tate.org.uk)

His Earthquake Circle is similar in the way that the circle is created by him. He has found some similar stones in order to create that shape. He has not photographed something he sees in the nature. Instead, he has created the view he wants. After creating the view, he takes the photograph of it and it remains the only record of that view.

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